12 March 2018

Ludo Magazine - Play the Game project

LUDO Magazine is a cultural 'container' that deals with the game world in its various facets: from the experience of play to art, from technology to creativity, from craftsmanship to entertainment. An overview that includes what we can associate with the game in a playful-cultural key, dealing with specific topics with targeted articles, and dedicating retrospectives on exhibitions and exhibitions that take place during the year, which may be of interest to all fans. A project also associated with the creation of a fan-magazine for a traveling exhibition of mail-art with works created in postcard format, dedicated to this fascinating world.

The intent of the "PLAY THE GAME" mail-art project is to invite the artists to send by post a postcard self-produced or artistically reworked concerning a personal vision or interpretation of the theme "THE GAME": works inspired by the different facets and stimuli that this theme can offer. It is possible to send artistic creations through drawings, photographs, collages, illustrations, works in mixed technique, made specifically or result of manipulation of existing images, made on any suitable support. The works must be in the standard postcard format (10.5 x 14.8 cm / A6 format - or 10x15 cm) that concerns the proposed theme.
The received works will be cataloged and inserted in the gallery of the website and on the social network channels. (Works that offend the common civil and moral sense will not be accepted.)
We will also try to organize an exhibition [in date and place yet to be defined] to be able to propose and agree with a body that has relevance to the project, during 2018.

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