29 December 2017

Collage Artists invited - Austria

Comment by Kevin Geronimo Brandtner  

To all collage addicted artists!
I would like to work with you together on this new project. I have over 400 bookmarks with the heads of poets,narrators and writers on it.
I would like to send each interested artists 3 different pieces:
1st one : starter by me for you to finish
2nd one: solo collage from you
3rd one: starter collage from you for me to finish
All three finished pieces of artwork are then supposed to be posted into this facebook group and I would also like you to send them back to me. I will send one of our collaborations back to you after I documented each collage.
If I manage to find a sponsor, I further want to document our collaboration by compiling a book containing all the pictures.
In case you’re interested just contact me and I’ll send you three different pieces. Since I can provide plenty of material for interested artists, feel free to spread the word and encourage others to participate.
I’m looking forward to working with you (again) on this new project!
You’re all amazing artists! K.G.B.

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Katherine said...

How do we participate?