28 September 2017

In Memoriam of TED BUNDY


"In Memoriam of TED BUNDY."

Ted Bundy was a serial killer. But he was also a very good looking man and a smart and nice person in the eyes of people in everyday life. He worked at the suicide hot line and saved lives. He also saved a toddler from drowning once. Crazy ,isn't it?

He killed lots of young women and had his fun with them even when they were dead. He was a necrophiliac.

He often cut their heads off , take them with him, wash their hair, put on some make-up and then.... ...well the rest ya can guess....


Lots of female fans wrote love letters to him while he was in jail. He even married one and get her pregnant in jail!
Later, he get excecuted by electric chair.

If you are fascinated by serial killers - may be  you're a hybristophiliac crazy b*tch!- and fascinated by  Ted, then please send me a MAIL ART  in memoriam of him. But even if you are just a mad artist, whatever gender ya are. Your art is WELCOME!

Killing is OF COURSE NOT RIGHT, but otherwise, serial killers are a mystery....somehow. The urgent need to do what they do ,while in everyday life they are just like you and i.

Envelopes or postcards are welcome!

i will post them in my MAIL ART blog: http://artinthemailbox2.blogspot.hu

Deadline is. the 20.of November 2017.

Adress is:

Zoe von Neuwirth Szilagyi
Veszprem Csatarhegy
Kokeny u.7


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