19 July 2017

New York

see: http://timsclownalley.blogspot.gr/2017/07/the-new-york-times-mail-art-project.html

The New York Times Mail Art Project

I know about a hundred reporters on the New York Times and other newspapers, and a few novelists, from emailing them limericks about their stories and then having them email me back -- usually to thank me and praise my nimble lyrics, but sometimes to tell me to stop bothering them. Either way, I have now launched a mail art project where I am mailing each one of them a unique piece of mail art. I'm doing it, among other reasons, to publicize the Provo Museum of Mail Art, of which I am the founder and current curator.

This will serve as documentation of my mail art project. I will also include any responses I receive back from reporters. But . . . don't hold your breath. After all, who replies to snail mail nowadays?

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