27 January 2017


This is the link https://mailasmile.org

but I also copy the text here:

We here at Mail a smile love animals and think it’s time to dedicate a mail art call to them. We believe it’s important to take care of our environment including all living creatures. Since so many are already extinct, we’d like to raise awareness of critically endangered animals to prevent further extinction.

This challenge lasts from February 1st – December 31st, 2017.
Create a postcard/letter or anything you wish to mail.
No entry fee, no returns, no size limit
Send your art work to this address:

            Mail a smile
          1554 – Hungary
The art-works will be displayed in an exhibition in 2018 in Budapest.
Send us a photo of your work so we can add it to our gallery and Facebook. (info [at] mailasmile [dot] org) or we can take a photo once your art work is received.
Pick an endangered animal from the list below. Once an animal is represented its name will be highlighted. We would be happy to receive more than one entry for the same animal.
See the list in this link: https://mailasmile.org
Thank you and lots of love,

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