14 September 2016

Wolkenbreiers - Belgium

MAIL ART PROJECT “Let Sky The Limit' is part of


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First 120 Postcards from USA, Brasil, Italy, Frence, The Nederlands, Mozambique, Iceland en Belgium https://www.facebook.com/leo.reijnders

To mark its 10th birthday, CLOUDKNITTERS is organising a MAIL ART PROJECT "Let Sky The Limit" and is inviting every artist we know to participate and make a Mail Art Work, the size of a postcard. We also should like each artist to invite all his/ her artist friends and colleagues to do the same:
our aim is to make an ‘artistic footprint’ of the Cloudknitters network.
These small pieces of art will be exhibited during the CLOUDKNITTERS 10- YEAR festival that lasts from 30th September until 23rd October in the Old Bourse, Hofstraat 15, 2000 Antwerp (Belgium)
This Old Bourse is the oldest stockmarket of Antwerp for international trading. The Pagadder Tower (1533) was a watch-tower whose purpose was to spot ships so they could be compelled to pay excise duties. This happened during the Spanish occupation, and the tower was manned by officers who were considered too small to fight. Pagador means paymaster in Spanish, but here in Antwerp they still use the word ���pagadder’ (affectionately) for a small girl or boy.

Each of the little Mail Art works will be used for a video and will be exhibited on the internet.
On the last day of the exhibition, all of the works will be sold for 20 euros each and this money will be used to fund the Cloudknitters festival.
Thus, all the works that I receive before 23rd October can be part of this project. It starts from the moment you read this …until 23 October 2016.
Please send your postcard-sized artwork to:

Leo Reijnders
Bouwensstraat 9
2140 Borgerhout (Belgium)
Let's make the biggest MAIL ART PROJECT ever!
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