3 May 2016

2st Edition of Engraving Post

2st Edition of Engraving Post

Open to all artists recorders
Theme: Free
Dimension: Post Standard - 10 x 15 cm
Technique: All kinds of engraving least Fingerprint
Woodcut, linocut, dry point, aqua-forte, Aqua-Tinta, Monotype and serigraphy.
Deadline: 30/11/2016
Send only 1 only postal envelope with or without.
Do not return to work, do not pay fees, no jury
Workshop on CN's Room in 2015

Send to: Exhibition Tight -2st Edition Engraving Post
A/C. Celestino Neto
Alameda Yayá, 130
Jardim Aída - Guarulhos
07060-000 – SP

With name, address and e-mail.
Documentation sent to participants.

Information on: cneto71@gmail.com

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