13 March 2016

"the black star of Digne" - FRANCE

"the black star of Digne"

The Star of Digne , also called Star of St. Vincent, is a traditional jewel from this little french city imagined by the jeweler Antoine Colomb in the nineteenth century.
This star has a very unique shape and contains an old fossil of 200 million years old in lush of precious metal.
 Draw your inspiration from the Star of Digne and send your mail art before 1st September 2016. Thank you

Theme: Black Star ( or "Star of St. Vincent " ) of Digne-les-Bains (Provence, France))
Techniques: all
Size: 40 x 40 cm max
Deadline : 1st September 2016
Exhibition: yes , all the works received will be exhibited on September 2016 !
Send your artwork to:
 Appel à Art postal - Etoile de Digne
10 , impasse de la Lauze
04510 Aiglun 
Website: http://digne-les-bains-04.wix.com/digne-les-bains#!mail-art-call-project-arte-correo-2016/y2mvj

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