9 February 2016

DaDa - Brasil

Send us up to 02 works in honor
of the 100 years of Dada (1916-2016).

The works received will become
part of the acquis of
Anhumas Archive - Guarulhos - Brazil
Any technical / language

Collage, drawing, automatic writing,
poetry, visual poetry, painting, engraving,
objects, video, sound, etc., etc., etc. ...

Size: 10 x 15 cm

All appear virtually:

The collection will be exhibited
for public viewing in the Collective Atelier 308
(Guarulhos), Ecatú Workshop (Olinda - PE)
and Salab (Guarulhos) in September and October 2016

Date receipt deadline: August 01, 2016
After this date the notice will reopen
for permanent file entries.

Send to
Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas
PO Box 1004
Guarulhos - SP


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