2 October 2015


Dear IUOMA member. It will be an honor to have your participation on such event. A Press Release of the present event and of the exhibitions at Portugal will be posted soon.

Additional information about the artist and own work may be mailed to info@envidenefelibata.com or by traditional snail mail. This information is important in order to create documentation for the exhibitions audience.

The main ideas of this mailart event call are: first, to provide IUOMA network members the opportunity to show their work at Portugal and secondly to spread the concepts of mailart to other people by means of the exhibition and the workshop that will be held at the same place at the opening.

1. The Mailart Event Call theme is “desAMORES” that could be translated as “unloves / unmatchable loves”. This event will close a series of LOVE related art projects created by the organization, FÉRTIL CULTURAL.

2. All artwork should be mailed to the following address:
Monsenhor enVide neFelibata / M.R. Gomes
R. do Falcão, 369  3ºEsq.
4300-181 Campanhã, Porto – Portugal

3. No returns. Better yet... read number 6.

4. The exhibition will be held at 'Casa da Pedreira' at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.

5. A second exhibition might happen at Fundação Cupertino Miranda, Vila Nova de Famalicão at Portugal on 2016 and is, at the moment, being analyzed. More information will be revealed as soon as possible.

Fundação Cupertino Miranda is the only European Museum to have a Studies Center of Surrealism and has the biggest collection of Portuguese surrealism artwork.

6. The exhibition will be complemented with a small workshop. At that workshop, artwork will be created and mailed to all the exhibition participants.

  • art reception date: 04-12-2015
  • opening: 12-12-2015
  • duration: 12-12-2015 / 26-02-2016
  • curator: Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
  • title/theme: desAMORes (literal translation: “unloves” / poetic translation: unmatchable loves)
  • location: Casa da Pedreira, V. N. de Famalicão, Portugal
  • organization: Fértil Cultural

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