23 July 2015


mail-art call for the 1st exhibition of TRAssshART:
            From trash to ART!
Artists from around the world are invited to participate in this exhibition by making mail-art from leftovers of their artwork…..so:
Clean your desktop, unclutter your studio, your sewingroom.... and make some art!
You can use anything and assemble it in less than 15 minutes...
and....ssssshhhh....now it isn’t trash anymore......
ssssshhhh.......I’ll tell you: it’s ART!
Send it by regular mail, as a card, a TRAssshARTcard or in an enveloppe... or the enveloppe is the art.... 
use your imagination, as long as it fits in my mailbox.
All works will be exhibited during november 2015 in the former postoffice of the village Oud-Beijerland (near Rotterdam)
You can send your TRAssshART (made of old artwork) to
Rossinistraat 52
2807 HK Gouda
the Netherlands
deadline for participating in the first exhibition: oktober 20th 2015 
but there is no deadline for future exhibitions, so keep cleaning your workspace!

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