21 June 2015

Mexico seen from abroad

I am one of the organizers of the 8th Photography Encounter in Mexico (original title of this event - Encuentro Fotografico Mexico [EFM]) which will take place in Puebla and Cholula, Mexico, from October, 26th to 31st, 2015.
This is an independent event organized by professional photographers and enthusiasts and it is open to all public free of charge. There are workshops, conferences, book presentations, exhibitions (both impressed exposed in cafeterias and galleries and digitally projected in streets), photo walks and tours and lot more activities.
In this 8th EFM we want to create an enormous photo mural and we summon to participate people from all over the world. Therefore, we are inviting people to send us their proposals. I would like, if it is possible, to post this invitation also in your page. Please find enclosed the text of the proposal:

"Agnija Anca - Latvia
Mail Art Call from Puebla, Mexico

During the last week of October, 26 to 31 of October, 2015, for the 8th time in a row there will be a photo encounter (original title in Spanish – Encuentro Fotografico Mexico) which will take place in Puebla and Cholula, Mexico. All the activities during this event are free of charge and it is organized by a group of professional photographers and enthusiasts. This year the main focus is put on the social aspects and the majority of activities will take place in streets – workshops, exhibitions, photo walks and bike tours, projections.
Thus we invite everybody to participate in the creation of a photo mural and will be glad to receive your proposals.
Theme: Mexico seen from abroad
Limit: up to 3 works per artist (sent by post; in one envelope).
Identity: full address of author required
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Technique: photo related techniques
Deadline: October 1st, 2015 (stamped in post office)
No fees, no jury, no return.
Works will be exhibited during ¨Encuentro Fotografico Mexico 2015¨ in Cholula and will be included in a digital catalogue.
Send to:

(The correct mail address is:)

Agnija Anca
Apartado Postal No.41
Parian, C.P. 72000
Puebla, Pue.

Best regards,

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Colectivo La Pesera said...

The correct mail address is:

Agnija Anca
Apartado Postal No.41
Parian, C.P. 72000
Puebla, Pue.