7 April 2015


VIEW FROM MY WINDOW  | International Mail Art Project 

Create a postcard based on your window view image sized piece 15 x 10 cm with the topic SECLUSION/SOLITUDE and mail it!

Artists from all over the world are invited to participate in this International Mail Art Project. Everyone is welcome to participate in this project, all ages and skill levels.

Rules: No jury, no fees, no return of the works.

Postage and Deadline: Post it like you would a regular postcard, please don’t use envelopes. Ensure that you use the correct postage to reach Poland. Entries must be postmarked by MAY 8, 2015.

Please indicate name, address, and email address on the back of the work. 
And write the title of the art work.

Documentation: Your artwork will part of a project on seclusion/solitude during an art festival in Poland [TBA] & be exhibited online on the blog http://thisissolitude.tumblr.com/, an extensive catalogue or book is possible if sponsors are found for the project.

More information |  contact: phtalo.manatee@gmail.com

Please send your postcard to:

PAMELA CORA (GRANATOWSKI) | phtalo manatee
ul. Gdańska 35
83-031 Różyny

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