24 January 2014

FEED THE PLANET - netherlands

The municipality of Alphen-Chaam & The Museum of Instant Images
invite you to participate in the
Mail Art project:

European Union in 2014, World Expo 2015.
Cittaslow International World Assembly 2014

Keywords: food, energy, planet, life, cutting food waste, bio based art
..‘If it is true that life finds its organic form in nature, it is also true that each form of life needs energy which is supplied by food. In this light the fulfillment of a balanced and harmonious rapport between the food cycle and the human being is one of the tools of the planet’s growth which is also the result of the interaction of a multiplicity of natural and anthropic factors.
And then there is a fifth key word which helps to define the Great Event; this word is PERSON as it is the person with the tools of his life and his work who contributes to the positive or negative transformation of the natural environment in which he lives.’..


Send me your imagination of the theme Feed the Planet.
Can you make your choices or can you imagine the contrasts
in text and/or image.

Size and technique: free
No returns
Deadline to be received: April 30, 2014
Exhibition in 2014 at historic sites in Alphen-Chaam during
Cittaslow International World Assembly in June 2014
Documentation to all participants
Info: mii@colori.nl

Online gallery on the Internet:
Send your contribution to:
The Museum of Instant Images
Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE
Pays Bas - The Netherlands - NL


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