2 December 2012

Birthdaycard before December 12th 2012

I’m going to beg!

That’s right, I have a favor to ask and that’s where you come in.

You see, I’m turning 33 on December 12 but I’ll be spending most of the day alone. I usually celebrate with my boyfriend, but this year Martin will be leaving for his intership at 5am and he won’t be coming back until the next day at 8pm. Louis-Justin will be at school, obviously. My mom said that we could go out to eat together, which is nice, but I’ll be spending the night alone, in my big bed, cold and in tears… OK, I might not cry, but I’m pretty sure I’ll feel a little lonely for my birthday this year.

Julie 30
Me and Louis-Justin on my 30th birthday.

So I had an idea. I asked myself what would be a good way to celebrate my birthday all by myself… and I found it! I want to celebrate it with you!

So would you please please please please please (that’s me begging) write me a little letter or send me a card for my birthday? I’m on my knees…

Julie 32
Me turning 32.

I’ll gather all my birthday mail and will only open it on my actual birthday. And I’ll share photos on my blog, of course!

So if you’d like to send me a little something, please write “birthday mail” anywhere on the envelope so that I don’t open it right away. December 12 is in about 3 weeks, so it should leave enough time for letters and cards to reach me.

Julie 32
My dirty mirror and I on my 32nd birthday.

Oh, by the way, I’m not expecting presents so please don’t send any! Just a card or a note would be perfect.

Here’s my address:

Julie the birthday girl
C.P. 54
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
J3B 6Z1

It would seriously make my birthday a lot more enjoyable to read a little something from my online friends & blog readers. Thank you in advance for making me feel a little less lonely!

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