2 July 2012

MAILART-EXHIBIT: Theme- "Transfomation"

MAILART-EXHIBIT: Theme- "Transfomation"

Only original works of mail art are accepted, no photocopies.

Size: max. 8 1/2" x 11" or A4

Only 2D works.

Quantity: 1 artwork per artist

Send us your artwork by regular snail mail only.

Deadline: August 17, 2012.

No jury, no return, no fee, no sale.

Entries will be exhibited at ETG Book cafe during the month of September 2012 (Fluxfest NYC 2012 performances there on Friday, Sept. 28)

Documentation: online blog with all submitted work.

Please provide your full name, nationality and email.
Agreement is given to use your work by your participation.
Thank you, we are looking forward to receiving your artwork.

Send to:

Mary Campbell / Day de Dada

123 Scribner Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10301



Mary Campbell

phone- 347-733-5324

Skype- marycamp9988

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