20 May 2012


Photocopy/mail art project to be exhibited as a project at Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts www.pica.org.au.
This is a project that I had in proposal form a few years ago (kinda this one http://www.perditaphillips.com/projects_blog/?p=1372). It's now been revamped as I am negotiating to include it in a show at PICA in September. The theme of the show is 'yonder' -- what's over there and is about building connections between artists across the southern hemisphere.
Participation involves simply photocopying a photocopy someone emails to you and posting two copies (one westward around the Southern Hemisphere, one back to Perdy). You can alter the envelope in any way you want -- it will be exhibited in the show as well. The series of photocopies will be turned into a short animation.
Especially interested in a wider distribution: from people from South Africa/Angola/Botswana/Burundi/Comoros/Lesotho/Madagascar/Malawi/Mauritius/Mozambique/Namibia/Rwanda/Seychelles/South Africa/Swaziland/Tanzania/Zambia/Zimbabwe/East Timor/Australia/Fiji/Nauru/New Zealand/Papua New Guinea/Samoa/Solomon Islands/Tonga/Tuvalu/Vanuatu/Argentina/Bolivia/Chile/Paraguay/Peru/Uruguay or southern parts of Indonesia/Brazil/Ecuador.
Participants will get a dvd with the final animation and a copy of the exhibition catalogue.
Contact me by 31 May to be included.
I will post more details soon.

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