21 April 2012

write a letter to a letter lover..

Make a Great Lady's Day!! My mother loves to receive cards through the mail. For her 65 birthday, and retirement celebration, I would like to flood her with fabulous mail-art birthday cards. Consider this project like a flash-mob, but through the mail!!  She has NEVER thrown any letters or cards away - she has a collection stretching back to the early 60's. I wanted to do something special for her, and this would be a perfect gift ...she will absolutely love the experience.  Nicknamed June Clever, my mother, Diana, is an extremely caring, compassionate women who loves to love. Please consider sending her a 65th birthday card for May 25th, 2012. Here is her address: Diana Wright 53 Poplar Crescent Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 3M4 Thanks everyone!  Sincerely, Alison Smith 

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