19 February 2012



At February 29th 2012 (the leap day) the project GLOBALIZATION-CONNECTIONS-TIME takes place.

You are invited to join the 'Snowball' mail-art project by creating a postcard on this day and send it to Kunsthalle Hannover where it will be exhibited in March and on the next leap day Feb 29, 2016.

Subject 'Snowball'

„Snowball“ can be associated with winter, childhood, climate (change), speed, movement, colour, form, ...

On the back of your postcard please write:

- title of your work

- date of February 29th 2012

- your name, city, country

- and the name of artist duo Topp & Dubio who has invited you

This project is in itself a snowball effect, so please forward this information immediately to artists of your choice with the same request for creating a postcard on that day and to forward the information again to other artists of their choice, etc, etc.

Please send your mail-art to the following address:

Kunsthalle Hannover

Project February 29th 2012

Yasemin Yilmaz / Topp & Dubio

Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3

D-30451 Hannover/Germany

Your mail-art will immediately be part of the current exhibition there with a network installation and will be shown until March 18th 2012.

No fees, no returns.

Thank you for your participation!

Topp & Dubio


www.time-images.org | www.topp-dubio.nl

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