16 October 2011

Send your SMILE to Poland!

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Project Smile

Marek Wysoczynski
krzywoustego 22/14
80360 gdansk


(A recent blurb about Marek)

A firm believer in the power of a smile in changing outcomes amid the most unbearable situations, Marek Wysoczynski from Poland, the initiator of the idea of a roaming exhibition, has been collecting smiles for several years now. The exhibition was already on show in different countries like Mexico, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka.

Ambassadors and representatives from different countries were present at the launching of the event . To name but a few: Polish Ambassador,Mr. Piotr Puchta and his spouse, , Austrian Ambassador, Dr. Thomas Nader, Canadian Ambassador Mr. Ferry de Kerckhove, , Mr. European Union Ambassador, and high-ranking diplomatic officials from Angola, Macedonia, and Turkey. Also present were Mr.Hussein Nassar, media Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Mr.Mohamad Shaalan, head of the Plastic Art Division at the cultural Ministry.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Ola Ghabour, Secertary general of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation was keen to express to all present and in particular to the Polish Ambassador how grateful and appreciative hospital 57357’s community is for all the efforts exerted “to draw a smile on the faces of our beloved children at the time when the polish people are much grieved at their great recent tragic loss. We share with you the sadness for which we are reminded now and here by two of the drawings displayed today which were painted by the late, HE Maria Kaczynska, the wife of the late Polish President. The audience was informed by the Polish Ambassador how concerned the Late Mrs. Kaczynska was for the suffering and underprivileged children of the world and particularly in the Middle East Region.

Two days prior to the launching, Mr.Wysoczynski had shared himself precious moments with in-patient children and their families through which they were invited to produce their own smiles. Drawings of the children are displayed at the entrance hall of the hospital along with those by patients of the St. Anna Children’s Hospital in Vienna, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak’s drawing and those of a host of other prominent personalities . Mr.Wysoczynski, who practices religiously what he believes in will not miss one chance to make people not just smile but laugh from all their hearts. Explaining to dozens of journalists and reporters who were covering the event his personal philosophy in life, you can watch his face light up while revealing how he draws his strength from working with the sick children. . Realizing that caring for the psychological well being of the children, will contribute to speed up their healing process and ultimately achieve our hopes for them, the CCHE encourages all efforts geared towards lifting up the spirits of the children. As such, the hospital is honored to have been chosen to host this special cultural event which offers a moment of distraction to the less privileged children who are fighting for their lives. More importantly, we are privileged to be the place where people from different parts of the world show their solidarity towards making this world a better place.

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