13 February 2011

Large parking area


Theme: Large parking area

Technic: free

Size: A4

Deadline: 30th of April 2011

Exhibition: July 2011 Hovinkartano International Arts and Cultural Centre,

Hameenlinna, Hauho, Finland

Conditions: free entry, no jury, no sale, no return

Remember: include your name and e-mail

Documentation: www.hovinkartano.net


Riitta Tarvainen

Hovinkartano, Sotjalantie 58

FI-14700 Hauho,


At the entrance to our Cultural Centre there is a large parking area. It is a very important service area which we cannot relocate. We hope that your ideas would help to transform it to a more interesting place in ways of environmental art.

You will find the place and a photo (Hovinkartano, Sotjalantie 58, Hauho, Finland) in www.maps.google.com

We eagerly await your ideas.

Please forward this invitation to your artist friends, too.

Thank you

Riitta Tarvainen


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