2 December 2010

Lucky Rabbit ATC Call

In April 2011, Regina Artist Trading Cards celebrates 8 years of Creative Exchange.8 is a lucky number; 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Please join us in an Auspicious ATC Celebration Display and Exchange:Double Lucky Rabbit ATC Swap! Does your Rabbit have 8 legs? Do you wish it could fly? Do you like getting mail? What are pieces of 8 exactly? Have you ever made a super 8 film? On your travels, what have you ‘ate’ L8-ly? Do you think spiders are cool? Have you ever asked the Magic 8-Ball a question? Have you ever actually given someone a bronze anniversary present? Did you ever tip the number 8 and find infinity? (You don't need to fit your work into a theme)Just send us your ATC Art!Don’t be late! Celebrate 8!Send us your Art! by February 28, 2011 to: Lucky Rabbit c/o Regina ATC Celebrates 8, MacKenzie Art Gallery, 3475 Albert St., Regina, SK S4S 6X6. 1. Please send us six original (6) ATCs— a set of 6, or 6 versions of your work. All cards submitted will be displayed in the Learning Centre at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. (Please indicate if you do not want your work on posted on the web.) 2. Please include with your 6 card ATC submission: a pre-stamped return envelope (SASE), your contact information, including e-mail (if possible) and 1 page maximum about you and the way you made your work-- tell us a little about yourself & discuss your techniques and tools, and your image content. Do you live outside Canada? Don’t worry about return postage, send us something fun-- ephemera from your country, or even an extra ATC. We’ll pay the return postage. it’s easier that way.3. The party! Opening reception: Mackenzie Art Gallery, 2pm Sat April 2, 2011. There will be cake! And carrots!Display Closing: Mid-August 2011, after which you will receive 6 trades mailed back!For More Information, please contact the Regina ATC at artisttradingcards@hotmail.com or Phone: Risa at 306.584.4291

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