20 July 2010


FASHION - Send me your visual views on clothing, fads and fashions.

Please make your envelope a fashion statement. Then stuff it with tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbon that has been printed with any kind of advertising or logos. Old clothing labels would be great too. Samples posted on the blog.

Mailing Size: not important

Technique: on an envelope

Deadline: Dec 31, 2010.

All mail to be posted on http://paperandpostage.blogspot.com

I will be making a dress with everything you send - stamps, envelopes, paper, ribbon and labels. With luck the dress will become part of a fashion show on recycling. Questions? pixelkart@gmail.com

Lorraine Kwan
#202, 3580 West 41st Ave
Vancouver BC
Canada V6N 3E6

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