20 December 2009

the IUOMA logo Project

The IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) has used several logo’s over the past 20 years. It is now time for a new and International logo that can be used op paper and digitally. The logo has to have the spirit of the union that represents creative open communication, uses the old and new communication techniques and has roots in Fluxus and Mail-Art.

In 1988 the idea of the IUOMA was born. In 2002 a Yahoo group was started. In November 2008 the IUOMA platform http://iuoma-network.ning.com/ became the home for the now over 800 members.

Some concepts and old logo’s are represented here below.

The steps to create a new logo are:
1. Members create concepts and logo’s that can be used (already a selection is added to the website). More can follow during the project.
2. A group of Media Design Students at Radius College in Breda, the Netherlands, will choose from these designs and come with suggestions of logo’s that are possible for the house style of the IUOMA. (they will make the concepts into usable logo's by using the right software tools to make correct versions of the logo)
3. There will be a formal voting by the IUOMA members on the Platform to choose the logo for their Union
4. The logo will be implemented on the websites, paperwork and other PR-materials that the Union is planning to issue.

Contact Details:

P.O. Box 1055
4801 BB Breda

e-mail: info@iuoma.org
URL: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/

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