21 December 2008

Mail Art Research Project

I´m Miina Ruokonen and I´m new in this group.

I´m studying at Turku university in Finland and right now making my
bachelors research. My bachelors research is going to be about mail
art and internet.

I´m hoping that through this group I could reach mail artist/mail art
activists who would like to help me in my research. You can help me by
answering to a survey which is going to be on the internet in the
beginning of January. I will inform the surveys webpage later on this
year through this group.

You can also help me by sending me mail art. At the end of the
research there´s going to be a webexhibition. The theme for the mail
art is "What mail art means to me?". The size and technique is for you
to decide. The deadline for the mail art is 31.3.2009.

You can send the mail art to this address:

Miina Ruokonen
Harjunpaankatu 3 h 118
28100 Pori

I would really appreciate everybodys help! Thank you!

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