23 May 2008

David Zack Show

greetings great eternal networkers!,

i'm happy to let you know
that the David Zack show
will open at The New Gallery (TNG) in Calgary
october 10/ 2008,

it will be a retrospective / commemorative
installation of zack's work mostly focusing on
the 70's and 80's,

the show is based on my archival collection
extended with contributions from many
other artists,
i'm still collecting material,
right now I'm finishing the editing of
a video based on a super8 film i made
in 1985 while visiting david in Tepotzlan,

a book/catalog will be published after the TNG show
therefore it will include details of the installation
together with essays and additional information
and visuals,

the exhibition will travel across Canada in
2009/2010 and hopefully it will also get
to the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere,
ideas concerning this are welcome,

talks, discussions, performance events
will extend the exhibitions,

there will be also room for
contributions sent by snail mail or e-mail
by anyone who wants to add something, a note, memory card,
or whatever nonsense that has something
or absolutely nothing to do
with zack's art and ideas,
all signed Monty Cantsin and addressed to
Monty Cantsin,
for now you can send your contribution to
163 Sterling Road Unit 3B
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 2B2 Canada
later i'll let you know the address
of TNG that is moving to a new location,

please forward and display this message,

istvan kantor monty cantsin? amen!


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