10 April 2008


Theme: "Yaroslavl is a glorious city! You won't leave it without a pity!"...No visitor leaves the city behind without a feeling of sadness and longingto return. Yaroslavl is the most beautiful city of the Volga region ofRussia. Its unique image has been preserved since ancient times. Amazingarchitectural masterpieces make Yaroslavl a real Russian treasure and turnthe city into a living history. This mail art project is coordinated byprofessional artist Tatyana Makarova and is devoted to the millennium ofhistory that the people of Yaroslavl will celebrate in 2010.Size: Maximum A4 (post cards, envelopes, etc.).Technique/media: No restrictions. But all works must be sent by post withpostage stamps.No fees, no jury, no returns.Exhibition: Modern Art Center (ARS-Forum), Yaroslavl. Autumn 2010.Curator of the show is Ekaterina Zmejeva, Yaroslavl. Consultant of theproject is Ivan Zemtsov, Yoshkar-Ola.Documentation: Every participant will receive printed documentation (info,photos, etc.) during 2011.Deadline to be received: January 25, 2010
Tatyana MakarovaP.O. Box 30Central Post OfficeYaroslavl150000 Russia

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