10 February 2008

Great Apes! Rowing Across the Atlantic.

Great Apes! Postcard 1 www.pan-atlantic-mailart.blogspot.com

You are invited to submit art on the theme(s) of:
Chimps/Apes/Gorillas, the Atlantic and/or Rowing.

This mail-art call is to celebrate the completion of Niall McCann and James Burges' row across the Atlantic, from San Sebastian, La Gomera to Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua, a distance of 2,935 miles (about 2 months of rowing); in aid of The Cameroon Projects (conserving gorilla and chimpanzee populations) run by Bristol Zoo.

If you want you can read more about Niall and James and their participation in the Atlantic Rowing race @ http://www.panatlantic.org/

All works will be exhibited at a celebration party for Niall and James at Bristol Zoo on March 1st, before being sold to raise money for The Cameroon Projects.

Technique and Size free
The deadline is: Febuary 27th.
Documentation online at www.pan-atlantic-mailart.blogspot.com

Please send your art to James' Sister @
Stacey Coombs 'Pan-Atlantic Mailart Call'
St Stephens Out of School Club,
St Stephens Infant School,
Lansdown Road,
BS15 1XD

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