5 December 2007

From Judith Hoffberg - USA

Dear Artist:

We invite you to exhibit in "Your Documents Please" a traveling show we are sponsoring that will open April 4, 2008 in Japan at the Museum of Arts and Crafts­Itami.

We are seeking work that functions visually or conceptually as if it were an identification document. and is about the size of a conventional passport (and flat enough to transport easily). This could mean that the work addresses pre-existing forms of ID (such as Passports or drivers' licenses) and their political connotations (such as bureaucracy, profiling, the image a country projects to outsiders, the nature of identity, etc.) or it could mean any small scale art work (abstract, figure, text, etc.) since any personal expression can be thought of as a form of identification.

There will be artists from many countries participating, especially including Japan, Hungary and Slovakia where we already have venues to exhibit as well as the US where we also expect it will travel. Having the broadest range of interpretations of a Passport size ID document in an international context with many artists will maximize the interest for viewers of the exhibition. Instead of labels for the works, we plan to generate standardized ID documents from supporting materials submitted by email which will be displayed below each artist's work.

The ID artwork must be in Brooklyn or Japan by March 20, 2008 in order for it to be in the April 4 opening. We wish to get preliminary confirmation of participation before December 15.

Please visit our website:
which has further information and will be updated regularly. Also, our contact in Slovakia is working on funding for an exhibition catalogue.

Please reply as soon as possible and feel free to ask us or the curators if you have further questions. Also let us know how to contact others who you think we should invite to participate.

András Böröcz and Robbin Silverberg

Curators: Daniel Georges and Rumi Tsuda
225 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718 388-0525

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