20 April 2024

Sharing Beauty - online project


Open Call "Sharing Beauty"
Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty
(Anne Herbert)
Free submission open to types of art
Number of submissions: max 3
Deadline: December 2024
Selected works will be permanently documented online
on the art web gallery Lys d'Or
Send your works to lysdorart@gmail.com
respecting these criteria:
1) Artist name
2) Artwork title
3) Technique
4) Your thought, sentence, on the topic of your art and this topic
5) Country
6) Email
7) 1 Link: official website or social



Lys d'Or official 

Lys d'Or Agorà

Born as spin-off of  blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro 

Lys d'Or is an art web gallery create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and collective exhibitions on a specific topic

- Social Instagram  Facebook  Linkedin  YouTube    

- Owner & Director Katya Sanna 

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