2 January 2022

Self-Care and care for Others (I)


Dear artist

We’d like to share with you the incredible joy “Self-care and Care for Others: Mail Art Project” is giving us.

More than 170 artists from all over the world have already joined us in this journey through mail art and the importance of care relationships.

Italy, France, Romania, USA and Germany are the most raprestated countries in this collection and we’d love to see how far the interest for the care topic can go. We are hoping for a world linked by art and care.

You can see most of the beautiful postcards we already received posted on the Instagram Page mailart_project. Every day we post some works, but it will take a while to show them all!

But don’t worry: every postcard will be displayed during the exhibition that will take place at Fondazione Pistoletto - Cittadellarte in April 2022.

We are reaching out to thank you for your help in spreading the world our invitation for the project. Please, help us by sharing this project with other mail artists!

If you haven’t already shipped your postcard(s), you have time ‘till January 15, 2022.

Shipping address

Mail Art ASL BI

Casella Postale 373

Ufficio Postale Biella Micca – 13900

Biella (BI) - ITALY


Here’s the link for our website, in which you will find information in Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese and Greek.  



Thanking you again, we wish you a pleasant weekend.


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