2 June 2020

Let your mind travel - Netherlands


Call for entry!
Deadline 31-12-2020


In this world where physical travel is very limited, send your thoughts and art through the world
on an envelope!
Let others travel with you trough your art!

Conditions for LET YOUR MIND TRAVEL 2020

*             Choose a standard envelope or make your own envelop. 
                Maximum size C4 (32,4 x 22,9 cm)
*             No need to put anything inside because the envelop is going to be the art work. 
                If you absolutely must add something feel free to do so.
*             Save some space for the shipping address on the front, 
                and your name/website/instagram on the back.
*             Make sure there is enough postage on your envelope and use beautiful stamps
*             Most important of all make an art work on your envelope! You can use whatever 
                you want as long as it can be send through the post.
*             Your work will be shared on social media. 
*             I also hope to host an exhibition but I’m not sure yet.

Send your envelope to;

            Jovers / let your mind travel 
            Lingestraat 2
            6826AL Arnhem
            The Netherlands

Thank you for joining and sharing this message!

Jolanda Verstegen, visual artist

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