14 March 2019

In Memoriam of KEITH FLINT (Prodigy) !

Hi artist friends!

This month the very talented guy  KEITH FLINT of the legendary band The Prodigy commited suicide and died. This is a big loss  and we will miss him as hell!

He was a REAL firestarter,  an electro-punk-Clown, a "cyber Joker"- full of energy and power!

There are no more  much humans like him nowdays and we NEED PEOPLE LIKE HIM- very much!
His band the Prodigy  was and is  one of the best bands . All their records are great and all the members are real unique individuals.

I want to say good-bye to Keith with a MAIL ART PROJECT-in Memoriam of him!

So-if you liked The Prodigy and Flint- please send me MAIL ART- IN MEMORIAM OF FLINT.
I want envelopes and postcards with any technic.
Deadline: 2019 .04.15.
No works back.
All works will be posted in my  Mail Art Blog: http://artinthemailbox2.blogspot.com

Send your memorials to:

Zoe Szilagyi
H-Veszprem Csatarhegy
Kokeny u.7


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